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Argie L. Taylor was the Founder and President of Argie L. Taylor’s Ministries (ATM) whereby, under the anointing and direction of the Holy Spirit, was faithfully ministering, shepherding, and pastoring for nearly five decades. In September 2016, she announced her retirement and gracefully segued into Emeritus status until her homegoing, in November 2023.

The ministry of this truly anointed servant of God began in 1975. At the time, she was the owner of a successful cosmetology business, Argie’s Salon of Beauty, located in Gardena, California, and ministry was nowhere on her mind. Pastor Taylor's love and commitment to her husband—Eugene (deceased), three children— Kent, Keith, and Karen—and her cosmetology business, was more than enough to keep her happy as well as busy. However, it soon became apparent that God had other plans for Pastor Taylor. In her desire to serve Him and to be obedient to His will, she followed the Holy Spirit to what had become her life, her love, and her reason for being—ATM.

After 48 years of prophetic ministry, more than fifty years of marriage, three successful adult children, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, Pastor Taylor was stronger and more anointed than ever. She never strayed from her duties as a wife and mother and was still walking in the path that God set before her years ago in the beauty salon.
Because of her commitment to God and continued obedience to His will, two buildings were purchased and paid in full, and serve as the Christian Agape Circle Church and ATM’s Administrative Offices. Pastor Taylor's family was devoted to the work of ATM and upheld her in the assignment for which God had called.

Pastor Taylor's moving teachings on obedience, faith, and above all, love; drew people to her ministry from all walks of life, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds. Her anointed teaching on healing called specific attention to obedience to God's Word.

In obedience to her assignment, the capstone of Pastor Taylor’s ministry was teaching God’s people about His unfailing love. Her teaching was powerful because she not only taught it; she lived it! (1Corinthians 13:8)

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