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Pastor Keith, son of the Founder, is the Pastor of Christian Agape Circle Church. He and his wife Mary have been married for over 31 years and have two children: Caryn and Keith Jr.

It was the summer of 1984 when Pastor Keith became aware of God’s calling on his life. However, he acknowledges that for many years he ran from His call because as the son of a Pastor, he was aware of the selflessness, and supreme dedication the anointing requires.

Though unable to ignore God’s assignment for his life, and what it required, Pastor Keith attempted to escape his calling by immersing himself in the Telecommunication industry. When he wasn’t climbing the corporate ladder, he rigorously trained as a Track & Field elite-level long jumper. By the summer of ‘84, his hard work had paid off as he qualified for the 1984 Olympic Trials in the long jump. Unfortunately, during the trials, while warming up for his event, he sustained an ankle injury that would eliminate him from competition and ultimately end his track and field career.

As a competitive athlete, the injury did not deter Pastor Keith. A few years later, he re-focused his attention on using the game of golf as an escape to continue outrunning God’s calling for his life. With the same level of intensity, focus, and commitment to excellence that carried him to the ‘84 Olympic trials, he developed a respectable golf handicap in the single digits and began entering amateur tournaments. Golf pros took notice of his budding talent and encouraged him to work harder.

It was at the driving range eighteen years later that the Lord spoke to his heart. He told Pastor Keith that he needed to spend more time getting to know Him rather than pursuing professional sports. He accepted God’s calling in the summer of ’02, and enrolled in Cottonwood Church, School of Ministry, in Los Alamitos, CA. In ‘03 he began working alongside Pastor Taylor handling the day-to-day operations of the ministry and took on the Youth Ministry.

In 2005, Pastor Keith graduated from Cottonwood Church’s School of Ministry. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Keith can be found each Sunday and Tuesday in the pulpit ministering the Word of God. His teaching unveils the life-changing message of God’s unfailing love for man. What is more, it brings to view how obedience to God’s word secures His promises. Pastor Keith’s experience in athletics did not go to waste, as he effectively parallels life and sports through his messages. Pastor Keith cannot deny his love for athletics, but his will to obey the Word of God remains stronger.

Today, Pastor Keith continues to shepherd Christian Agape Circle church and has become the President of Argie Taylor’s Ministries, Inc.

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